Friday, March 2, 2012


Thank God It's Friday!  This means two glorious days will follow... I say glorious, because there's no work and will have the whole two days to spend with our baby... Since I became a mother, I want to spend every minute of my time with our baby... If only we can afford it, I would rather be a housewife than a working mother... But that's life.  We have to face reality and be practical.   So here I am, a working mom.  Each time I go to work, I prefer that my baby is still sleeping so it won't be  hard for me to leave her and go to work.  That's how it goes every Mondays to Fridays.  But if she is awake, I will feed her before I leave and make sure that she goes back to sleep. I love watching and putting her to sleep even if I am already tired from work or needs to wake up early morning.  My baby is now more receptive since she is already 9 months old.  She enjoys talking as she babbles a lot of time.  She also loves dancing and singing just like other babies.  She has so many antics that made me and my husband laugh.  We just adore her.  I thank the Lord each day that she gave us this sweet bundle of joy.  She gave a new meaning in my life.  She is my inspiration and motivation to move forward and be positive in life... And now, it's Friday once again... Looking forward to go home and be with my baby... ^v^


hushieLLa said...

Happy Mother's Day! =)

Joy said...

haha.. likewise hushie ;)