Friday, March 9, 2012

Straight From the Heart

My own copy given by my good friend "Hya" last Christmas 2011
Last 2009, as we (me and my Mama) were inside the National Bookstore, I happened to glance at a book entitled "Straight From the Heart - A Prayer Companion".  To satisfy my curiosity, I look at its contents.  It was a book of prayers.  Upon browsing through some pages, I told my mother that she should buy one.  She is one of the officers in our church's organization, so I guess she can use it with her church activities.

After getting a copy, I started reading it in the house.  I find it very enlightening especially in times when I feel stress out, depress, and down.  It really helps me to feel good.  The book was also my everyday companion, during my pregnancy (especially in the most difficult part, when I was on my 10 weeks)  .   It help me survive those moments of depression.

I also recommended it to one of my friends, Hya, who happened to see me reading it in the office.  She liked the book as well. I told her it can also be a nice gift to our friends and family on special occasions.  She liked the idea and ask me if she can do the same.   I said it's ok, because I also want to share the book with others.  I want them to see its beauty.  I also want them to feel closer with the Lord as this is what I felt everytime I am reading it and praying.  I also get to be familiarized with some of the saints I have not known before.  My favorites include St. Padre Pio, St. Therese, St. Anthony de Padua, St. Jude, and St. Gerald (patron and protector of expectant mothers).  If you want too see some of the prayers in the book, I shared them in my other blog site, just click here.

By the way, last Christmas (December 25, 2011), Hya also gave me my own book (as I have been using the one that my Mama bought).  It is really sweet of her, and I so love her for that. (*smile)

In case, you want to get your own copy.  It is available in National Bookstores.  The price is affordable.

Go and grab one! I am sure that it's worth your money. Have a blessed day! ^v^

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