Monday, March 26, 2012

BC Bloggers

Writing and reading books are among my hobbies.  Both give me peace of mind and relieve me off tension.  I am really glad that blogging was introduced in the cyberworld.  It helps me a lot especially in terms of expressing my love for writing.  It can also reach a wider and diverse audience from all parts of the world.

Now that I am a mother, the more that I am inspired to write in my blogs.  One thing that motivates me too is the idea that you can also earn through blogging... Neat right?!  You get to do what you love and at the same time earn while doing it. This idea encourages me more to blog. 

In the world of blogging, link-ups are very important.  It will give your blog many followers and readers.  It can also open doors to opportunities.  To help me more, I have asked my blogger friends.  I also searched the net for possible link-ups.  Then I came across, BC Bloggers, which I understand more from Paula via  BC Bloggers helps bloggers fill their blogrolls the fast and easy way.  BC Bloggers motto is "We don't have to beg for Links."  This is a great news to bloggers like me.  This also serves as a great tool to put your blogs on the "map".   All blog rolls are also assured that they are being followed and linked to the homepage.  Upon learning its goals and visions, I readily joined BC Bloggers.  I know it will help me a lot.

To all bloggers (neophyte or not), who also want to be included in the BC Bloggers, you just click here. 

Happy blogging! (^v^)

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