Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rain Rain Don't Go Away

It's the month of March... but it feels like June... Looks like it's gonna be a rainy week for us.  Basically, I do not like rainy days.  Why, because there's something in the rain that makes me feel lonely or gloomy.   I do not really know why that feeling... Maybe, it was just really me imagining things.. haha.. But, thinking again, I do love the coolness it brings especially now that is summer.  Looking at my baby, she loves it too, she had longer sleeps and nap times every time it rains...  and that now made me see the other side of rain... I guess I will also learn to love it, since it gives comfort to my baby..

(... silently singing, changing the lyrics.. "Rain rain don't go away.. Come again another day.. My little girl wants to sleep more.. so she'll grow up wise and strong!") ^v^


hushieLLa said...

My complete opposite. I love the rain, I love just watching the rain drops.. =)

joy said...

weird me.. i guess.. will learn to like it na.. lol