Monday, March 19, 2012

Life is a Blessing!

"If you need something to be grateful for... check your pulse.. Life is a blessing. Live it well. Start the day with saying.. Thank you to God." - a text message sent by my father early this morning.  As I read the text, I told myself.. "This is a good one.. very enlightening.."

In this modern time, most of us want material comfort and hi-tech gadgets.  Others dream of travel abroads, getting a car, acquiring condo units, or just living a glamorous life.   It is good to know your goals or to have an ambition in life.  These are good motivation for a person to strive harder.  But to those people who cannot afford these things at the moment, don't be frustrated.  Just count your blessings.  Each has his own time.  Let's look at the brighter side of life.  Sometimes, we just take small things for granted... the simple joys of life. 

I guess, we should thank the Lord just for being alive for it is indeed a special blessing given by God.  Let's live it well. Let's savor the moments with our loved ones.. like having a good laugh with friends... eating at home with the family... sharing jokes with your children.. These are the wonderful blessings that make life more worth living... ^v^


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