Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Mother and Babykoy

Bonding with Lola

I am just happy that my mother loves Annika so much... Like any other lola (grandmother), she loves to cuddle her... to sing with her... and just to play with her "apo" (grand daughter)... Annika is now the source of our happiness in our home. She is truly a bundle of our joy.  Her Lola is fascinated with her antics and cute gestures.  She always tells me and my husband that they look alike.  I also think that they have resemblance.  Looking at Annika, I think she inherits more of his dad's face than mine.  But I can also see some features of my mom and just a little of mine.. haha!

I am also glad that Annika got to see her grandmother on both sides and grandfather (my dad).   My husband's father has passed away when he is still young.  It is a good thing that Annika experiences how to have grandparents as  I did not have a chance to be with my lolos and lolas on both sides because they already passed away when I was born.   I also believe that it is  important that she knows her roots.  I want her to have a lot of happy memories with her lolas and lolo. And so for now, I love taking their pictures, capturing their precious and sweet moments, so that when Annika grows up she will be able to see how much her lolas and lolo love her.  ^v^

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Friendship to Keep


The Way We Were

This picture was taken during my college days with my best buddies (Michelle, Neri, Luisa, and Joy) and other classmates.  I do not exactly remember what the event is... hahaha!  Seeing this picture brings a lot of fond memories with my good friends. Oh how I really miss those days! Back then, all is fun and hard work in our school activities.  We had a great bonding. I also have other friends from different sections who are also close to my heart like Kyle, Resi, Mildred, Jhosie, Bevs, and a lot more.  There are also guy friends who made my college days more fun and memorable.  I am happy to say that up to now we (all my BFFs)  still communicate inspite of our busy schedule.  One of my friends is already based in Singapore.  The other one is about to get married.   At this time of our lives, we are now making our dreams come true, and creating families of our own.  I can say that our friendship has been through a lot.  Our relationships had also its ups and downs. It has already been tested through the years.  As individuals, we also have our own trials to surpass, battles to conquer, and fears to  face.  These experiences make us stronger and better individuals.  But, the thing that I truly love about our friendship is that no matter how long we have not seen each other, every time we had a chance to get together, the feeling of comfort, love, and support is still there.  It is the same feeling back when we are still young and still in college. At this point in time, there is so much to look forward in the future.  I just hope that someday our kids will be the best of friends as well. For my best pals, thanks for all the fun, tears and laughters that we shared.  I will always love you guys! ;)
at present time with my sweet pea

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Moments

Good times.. good memories... The pictures were taken during the Baptismal Celebration of Baby Julia... I am with my husband, daughter, and my co-worker friends (with their daughters). We really had a great time... We enjoyed the food (at Max's and the yummy lechon at the host's house), the wine, and especially our chit-chats and kulitans.. Life is really good...Let's count our blessings! ^v^
a toast for our friendship...
Sweet Talk (Daddy and Annika)

Chess and the Kids

Mommy and Annika

On the Road

At Max's.. Sarap to the Bones!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Babykoy's First ID Picture

Healthcards... one of the things I considered essential that I must have for our family especially for my baby.. Since budget is tight, I have to get one for myself and Annika in case of emergency... I had mine last month.  I will be getting this February for Annika.. The agent told me that I should have a 2x2 picture of my baby as a requirement and so I had her picture taken.  Annika looks cute in her pink shirt, with her usual ponytail...  I find it really cute that she has now an ID picture...  Hopefully, I will get her healthcard soon.

The Love Month

Five days from now, it's Valentine's Day... Love is in the air as they say.... Couples are busy thinking on what to give to their partners on this special day.  Actually, Valentine's Day is not just for couples or lovers.  It can also be a special day for any individual because each of us knows how to love... to care...  It's not all about romantic love... It can be a love for a mother.. a father...  siblings... relatives... and friends..  In my case, I have more reasons to celebrate this occasion especially that our marriage has been blessed with a wonderful baby.  There's so much to be thankful for and hoped for.   In the coming days, I know that love will still continue to grow in our relationship.  There will be more love to give to my husband and our little one as they are my source of inspiration, comfort, and strength.  There will also be more dreams and wishes to make and to fulfill for our family.  Giving them love makes my life more fulfilling.  

I guess this Valentine's Day, just spending  time with your loved ones is already enough to make the day special.  With all the not-so-good things happening in our country, we should thank the Lord that each time we wake up, our loved ones are there to greet.... to hug us ... to talk to.. to smile .. to cry... and to laughwith us...  Let's always keep the love flowing... Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Let's spread love and positivity! ^v^

Happy Hearts Day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome to the Christian World!

Annika was baptized on September 18, 2011 at the Sto. Domingo Church.  She was almost 4 months then.  We got some of our relatives, close friends, and my officemate friends as her ninongs and ninangs.  My husband (Mike) and I organized the event.  We got Tramway Tea House as our reception.  It was a very memorable occasion.  All of our loved ones are present.  We are just happy that things went well and our daughter is finally welcomed in the Christian world. 

I just wish that Annika's life will be filled with bliss, love, laughter, and peace... and that she will be surrounded with kind-hearted and God-centered people...  May we also give her a good life and a bright future through the Lord's guidance and divine intervention.  There's also one prayer I always humbly ask the Lord... that He will keep us (me and Mike) healthy and safe each day, so that we can take good care of Annika and be there for her until she has a family of her own... and even until she is old and grey. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Little Sweet Pea

My Sweet Pea

Last 2010, I learned I was pregnant... At first, I am really shock at the thought that I am finally going to be a mother.. Lots of things entered into my mind.. Ofcourse I feel so happy learning that I am carrying a child (my ultimate dream).... and then I also got scared at the thought of actually giving birth... But after seeing my OB, and knowing that my baby is doing well, I know that everything will be fine with the Lord's help and support from my husband.... The first three months of my pregnancy was very difficult for me... It was the time when I always have my rosary beside me and prayer book to keep me strong... This is the period when I am always vomiting and experiencing nausea. I was even hospitalized for 3 days... Then things got better when I returned to work.. as I am already coping with my pregnancy.. my body now has finally adjust... I am even going to the market, commuting from our house to work, and climbing stairs since we live in a 4 storey building, and our unit is in the 3rd floor.. It was my routine everyday, as my tummy grows and my due is getting nearer... Then finally the most memorable day of my life, the time I already saw my baby, my little Annika Celine... It was a very happy feeling, mixed emotions...  I feel so blessed seeing her.. She is a beautiful and an adorable baby... I can't believe that she is in front of me, and  I am actually holding her... She is my miracle.. I will forever love her and will take care of her... She is now the joy in our family...She is truly a God's gift.. a special blessing! No doubt, all the pains I experienced during my pregnancy is all worth it.. I now have my baby with me.. Thank you Lord for my Annika!