Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Mother and Babykoy

Bonding with Lola

I am just happy that my mother loves Annika so much... Like any other lola (grandmother), she loves to cuddle her... to sing with her... and just to play with her "apo" (grand daughter)... Annika is now the source of our happiness in our home. She is truly a bundle of our joy.  Her Lola is fascinated with her antics and cute gestures.  She always tells me and my husband that they look alike.  I also think that they have resemblance.  Looking at Annika, I think she inherits more of his dad's face than mine.  But I can also see some features of my mom and just a little of mine.. haha!

I am also glad that Annika got to see her grandmother on both sides and grandfather (my dad).   My husband's father has passed away when he is still young.  It is a good thing that Annika experiences how to have grandparents as  I did not have a chance to be with my lolos and lolas on both sides because they already passed away when I was born.   I also believe that it is  important that she knows her roots.  I want her to have a lot of happy memories with her lolas and lolo. And so for now, I love taking their pictures, capturing their precious and sweet moments, so that when Annika grows up she will be able to see how much her lolas and lolo love her.  ^v^


hushieLLa said...

lolas are blessing and curse to mothers. you know what i mean. ^-^

Joy said...

yeah, i definitely know what you mean... lolas are spoilers... basta.. i understand you very well.. ^v^