Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fire Drill

Our office held a "Fire Drill" today.  In a tropical country like the Philippines, this is very important.

According to Wikipedia, a fire drill is a method of practicing the evacuation of a building for a fire or other emergency. Generally, the emergency system (usually an alarm) is activated and the building is evacuated as though a real fire had occurred. Usually, the time it takes to evacuate is measured to ensure that it occurs within a reasonable length of time, and problems with the emergency system or evacuation procedures are identified to be remedied. 

A drill, like this, helps people to know what to do and how to act especially in emergency situations like fire, earthquake, and other calamities.  People generally tend to panic in cases like these.  Fire drills are held in schools, offices, buildings, hotels, and business establishments.

Here in the country, reports on fire incidence have been observed to increase during summer time.  Brownouts and short circuit or electrical malfunction of electric appliances (such as electric fan, television, and iron) are considered the most common causes of fire.  Usually, this can be attributed to the negligence on the part of the user.  Crowded areas or places are also considered high risk.  Discipline should always be observe to avoid any inconvenience.  We should always be responsible to our actions.  Think of the majority's safety. 

Just a reminder... When entering a new establishment, building or any premise, you must familiarize yourself with its entrance and exit.  You must also know where the fire exits and stairs are located.  In this way, in case of emergency, you will know where to go.  Always remember not to panic. 

To end this post, I just hope that we will never experience the real thing... and going back, our office did pass the fire drill.  ^v^

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