Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Little Sweet Pea

My Sweet Pea

Last 2010, I learned I was pregnant... At first, I am really shock at the thought that I am finally going to be a mother.. Lots of things entered into my mind.. Ofcourse I feel so happy learning that I am carrying a child (my ultimate dream).... and then I also got scared at the thought of actually giving birth... But after seeing my OB, and knowing that my baby is doing well, I know that everything will be fine with the Lord's help and support from my husband.... The first three months of my pregnancy was very difficult for me... It was the time when I always have my rosary beside me and prayer book to keep me strong... This is the period when I am always vomiting and experiencing nausea. I was even hospitalized for 3 days... Then things got better when I returned to work.. as I am already coping with my pregnancy.. my body now has finally adjust... I am even going to the market, commuting from our house to work, and climbing stairs since we live in a 4 storey building, and our unit is in the 3rd floor.. It was my routine everyday, as my tummy grows and my due is getting nearer... Then finally the most memorable day of my life, the time I already saw my baby, my little Annika Celine... It was a very happy feeling, mixed emotions...  I feel so blessed seeing her.. She is a beautiful and an adorable baby... I can't believe that she is in front of me, and  I am actually holding her... She is my miracle.. I will forever love her and will take care of her... She is now the joy in our family...She is truly a God's gift.. a special blessing! No doubt, all the pains I experienced during my pregnancy is all worth it.. I now have my baby with me.. Thank you Lord for my Annika!

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