Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Friendship to Keep


The Way We Were

This picture was taken during my college days with my best buddies (Michelle, Neri, Luisa, and Joy) and other classmates.  I do not exactly remember what the event is... hahaha!  Seeing this picture brings a lot of fond memories with my good friends. Oh how I really miss those days! Back then, all is fun and hard work in our school activities.  We had a great bonding. I also have other friends from different sections who are also close to my heart like Kyle, Resi, Mildred, Jhosie, Bevs, and a lot more.  There are also guy friends who made my college days more fun and memorable.  I am happy to say that up to now we (all my BFFs)  still communicate inspite of our busy schedule.  One of my friends is already based in Singapore.  The other one is about to get married.   At this time of our lives, we are now making our dreams come true, and creating families of our own.  I can say that our friendship has been through a lot.  Our relationships had also its ups and downs. It has already been tested through the years.  As individuals, we also have our own trials to surpass, battles to conquer, and fears to  face.  These experiences make us stronger and better individuals.  But, the thing that I truly love about our friendship is that no matter how long we have not seen each other, every time we had a chance to get together, the feeling of comfort, love, and support is still there.  It is the same feeling back when we are still young and still in college. At this point in time, there is so much to look forward in the future.  I just hope that someday our kids will be the best of friends as well. For my best pals, thanks for all the fun, tears and laughters that we shared.  I will always love you guys! ;)
at present time with my sweet pea

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