Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Babykoy's First ID Picture

Healthcards... one of the things I considered essential that I must have for our family especially for my baby.. Since budget is tight, I have to get one for myself and Annika in case of emergency... I had mine last month.  I will be getting this February for Annika.. The agent told me that I should have a 2x2 picture of my baby as a requirement and so I had her picture taken.  Annika looks cute in her pink shirt, with her usual ponytail...  I find it really cute that she has now an ID picture...  Hopefully, I will get her healthcard soon.


hushieLLa said...

wow, ang cute, meron n cyang ID picture. Yan ang worry ko k lara e, baka ndi magpaiwan pag ppicturan n cya.

Joy said...

hi hushie.. karga siya ni mike dyan.. daya yan.. hehe! thanks

hushieLLa said...

ay ang galing..hehe